Residential Roofing

We are experienced, never cut corners, and offer the best warranties in the industry. There are many elements that go info properly installing a new roof. With years of helping happy customers, we know we can offer the result you are looking for.

We specialize in:

– Architectural Fibreglass – Based Asphalt Shingles
– Class 4 Impact Resistant Polymer Modified Architectural Shingles
– 3-tab Shingles
– Other specialty products

Roof Repairs

We offer detailed free estimates that come with a thorough inspection of your roof. From start to finish you will know exactly what you are getting from Itz Roofing.

Eavestroughs / Gutters

Having your gutters/eavestroughs in good shape is important to maintaining effective water movement on and away from your home. From cleaning, repair, and new installations, Itz Roofing can help you find the best eavestrough solution for your house!

Soffits & Fascia

It’s not just your roof that is important to keeping your home safe from water! Having properly installed soffits and fascia is important for looks as well as protecting the exterior of your house. We offer soffit/fascia repair work with competitive rates and experienced and professional installation. Contact us to schedule a free inspection
Through our years in the industry and in various aspects of construction, your team at Itz Roofing has developed exceptional expertise regarding the different components of roofing structure and designs. This has also helped us gain knowledge about available roofing materials and performance expectations. For roofing in Edmonton and Area this can mean a significant difference to the quality and longevity of your roof – especially in our dry conditions with such significant swings in temperature.

Knowing these elements is important because a contractor without this level of knowledge can complete an inferior job, which can lead to leaking, damage, and premature wear and deterioration. We strive to always give the best long-term results so you can have peace of mind that once your roof is water-tight for many years to come.