What to look for in an estimate?

There are a great many differences between the types of estimates you may receive if you are looking to get a new roof! The challenge is trying to compare each quote so you know exactly what the differences may be and why there may be differences in price.


You want to be comparing apples-to-apples and we hope we can help!

Generally, if there are significant differences in quote prices there is usually a reason. It could be that the cheaper roofer may be cutting corners in some areas or just selectively omitting some information to keep their prices down to try and get the job.

If there is one thing that can help that is more information! If a roofing company quote is very detailed and explains all the elements you will be receiving on your roof that is typically a good sign. This should not be overlooked, as many companies out there imply that you will be receiving a great roof – but it is hard to know exactly what is underneath with all the different elements if you aren’t there from start to finish!

Some things to consider when comparing estimates include:

  • Product Used – Are you getting entry-level shingles or are you being quoted high-end products. Know exactly what you is going on your roof for the price you are paying. There are unrated, class 3 , and class 4 shingles in the market (class 4 is the highest).
  • Underlayment – Will your roofing contractor be installing ice and water protection and underlayment membranes on the rest of the roof surface?
  • Ventilation – What kind of ventilation or ventilation products are being supplied and installed?
  • Warranties – What workmanship and manufacturer warranties are being offered? Know what each company is offering and get it in writing.
  • Drip Edge – Will your roofer be replacing your drip edge or just reusing the existing metal?
  • Roof Valleys – What kind of valley install method are you receiving? Will you be receiving a metal valley (which generally costs more) or other standard valley applications?
  • Rotten Roof Deck Areas – If there are any rotten areas on your roof, will the contractor replace them and do it right or will they just shingle over the damaged sections.
  • Cleanliness – What is a roofer committing to with respect to keeping your property safe and clean? Understand the steps they take to protect and clean up your property beforehand.
  • Safety – What kind of safety measures are your potential roofers going to be following? Ask them to confirm if their crews will be tied off and be secure and safe on your house. It is one thing to ensure they have insurance and WCB, but you never want to have an accident actually occur on your roof!

Remember to ask the questions! Before you go ahead with getting your roof completed, ask any clarification questions you may have to each of the contractors to understand the differences.

This is not an exhaustive list but just a set of suggestions to ensure you know exactly what you are receiving. Before you choose the contractor that is $1,000 less, make sure you know why that may be the case!